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Things to Do in Wrexham


Powis Castle (Castell Powys)

Originally built for a Welsh prince in the 13th century, Powis Castle is now one of Britain’s finest stately homes. Behind the red sandstone façade, which is surrounded by spectacular Baroque gardens and a deer park, visitors can explore elaborately decorated 17th century dining halls and state rooms, before admiring the collection of Indian artefacts in the Clive Museum.

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Rhuddlan Castle (Castell Rhuddlan)

Rhuddlan Castle (Castell Rhuddlan) was built by King Edward I in the late 13th century as one of his iron ring of fortresses designed to control the Welsh. It is located in northern Wales just a few miles from the town of Rhyl on the coast. The River Clwyd was diverted into a canal in order to connect the castle to the sea almost three miles away, and remains of the river gate can still be seen today along the outer ring of walls. The castle was built with a concentric walls within walls design and has a twin towered gatehouse on the western side.

The main entrance is at the northwestern end of the dry moat. Though much of the castle is in ruins today, you can still see pieces of the foundations of the great hall, kitchens, private apartments, and a chapel. In the outer sections, there are few remains of the granary, stables, a smithy, the treasury, and a goldsmith's workshop. A modern set of stairs has been added to allow visitors to climb the castle walls and get a better view of the castle and surrounding areas.

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