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Hustai National Park (Khustain National Park)
Hustai National Park (Khustain National Park)

Hustai National Park (Khustain National Park)

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Basics

Hustai National Park (sometimes written Khustai National Park) spans 222,395 acres (90,000 hectares). Visitors can hike, go horseback riding, go camel riding, and explore the vast grounds by vehicle. In addition to the wildlife, which includes over 40 species of mammals and over 150 species of birds, there are a number of ancient ruins and monuments, including Neolithic graves, throughout the area.

Day and overnight tours of Hustai National Park from Ulaanbaatar are available. For those with more time, multi-day tours can also include other parks in the area, such as Bogd Khan Mountain National Park or Terelj National Park. Those with a week or more can go on extended adventures covering several regions in Mongolia, such as Central Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, or the Orkhon Valley.

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Day Tour of Hustai National Park

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Day Tour of Hustai National Park
$83.34 per adult
Beautiful Scenery
Bat was a great guide. He helped us see the horses up pretty close. Gave excellent information about Mongolia and the park. Food at Mongol family site was great as was meeting "grandma" the matron of the camp.
Barryfisherfromthebu, Sep 2018

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Overnight visitors can stay in traditional ger camps just outside the park.

  • Camping is not allowed inside the park.

  • Bring binoculars if you can, to better see the wildlife.

  • It’s best to rent a 4-wheel-drive vehicle with good clearance if not going as part of a tour.

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How to Get There

Hustai National Park is located about 60 miles (97 kilometers) west of Ulaanbaatar. It’s easiest to visit as part of a guided tour. Otherwise, it’s best to rent a 4WD vehicle. Take the main highway leaving Ulaanbaatar to the west to the Khustai Mountains Road, then turn onto an unpaved road and continue for about 6 miles (10 kilometers) until you reach the main camp.

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When to Get There

Although it’s possible to see the national park on a day trip, it’s best to stay overnight, as the best chances of seeing the takhis tend to be around dawn or dusk, when they come down from the mountains to drink from the Tuul River.

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Wildlife in the Park

Hustai National Park is most known for the successful reintroduction of the tahki. The tahki had become extinct in the wild in the 1960s, but was reintroduced into the wild in the 1990s from two captive groups that remained. In addition to the takhi, a number of other animals call the park home, including marmots, wolves, foxes, lynxes, badgers, sheep, deer, gazelles, owls, and golden eagles, among others.

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