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Things to Do in Tenby


Manorbier Castle
1 Tour and Activity

Manorbier Castle has stood as a symbol of Welsh heritage for almost a millennium, but it’s often overlooked in favor of the country’s more famous fortresses. Today, the birthplace of medieval scholar Gerald of Wales offers historical immersion and coastal sightseeing, boasting views of the Bristol Channel and beyond.

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Pembroke Castle (Castell Penfro)

Originally built in the 11th century, the Grade I listed Pembroke Castle is one of the oldest Norman castles in Wales and the birthplace of King Henry VII. Strategically situated on the rocky banks of the Pembroke River, visitors can enjoy views from the 80ft high Great Keep, gaze into the dungeons below, and explore the underground Wogan’s Cavern.

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Folly Farm

Hailed as one of England’s best zoos, Folly Farm promises a fun and interactive day out. Visitors can observe animals from a distance or get hands-on in the petting zoo before enjoying the fairground, big wheel, and play areas. There are also several onsite restaurants.

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