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Things to Do in Skopje


Memorial House of Mother Teresa (Spomen Kuka na Majka Tereza)
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The Memorial House of Mother Teresa stands in the center of Skopje, the city the missionary was born in and called home until she was 18. Built to the east of Macedonia Square on the land where the Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church once stood, and where Mother Teresa was baptized, the house opened to the public in 2009.

Travelers can visit to explore the museum and its displays of life-like sculptures depicting Mother Teresa and her family, including the one of the humanitarian as a 10 year old sitting on a stone and holding a pigeon. Exhibits also include memorabilia such as letters, awards, relics and photographs, while an upper-level glass-walled chapel holds mass twice a week. Visitors can head to the gift shop on the main floor to browse books and Macedonian souvenirs. The memorial house also occasionally hosts cultural exhibits.

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Holocaust Memorial Center (Memorijalen Centar Na Holokaustot)
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Skopje's three-story Holocaust Memorial Center stands in remembrance of more than 7,000 Jews from Macedonia that were killed in the Holocaust and the overall history of Jews in the Balkans. Set in what was once the Jewish Quarter of Skopje, the museum was opened in March 2011, coinciding with the 68th anniversary of the deportation of Macedonian Jews to the Treblinka concentration camp.

Travelers will enter the Star of David-shaped building to see a somber variety of displays featuring maps, videos, photos and English language wall texts, all designed to commemorate the Jewish culture of Macedonia that was nearly lost. The moving exhibits trace the history of the country's Jewish community, starting from their expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula and move to the Balkans through World War II, when a devastating 98% of Macedonian Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

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