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St. Catherine's Monastery
St. Catherine's Monastery

St. Catherine's Monastery

Mount Sinai, Sinai Peninsula, Mt Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh, 4828513

The Basics

St. Catherine’s Monastery is free to enter, but there is a small charge to enter St. Catherine’s Protected Area plus an additional fee to view the priceless ancient manuscripts in the library. Much of the monastery is closed off to visitors to allow the monks their privacy.

St. Catherine’s Monastery is typically visited as a day trip from either Dahab or Sharm el Sheikh. Some St. Catherine’s Monastery tours include a sunrise climb of Mt. Sinai above, while others make stops at desert sites such as the Colored Canyon.

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St Catherine Monastery Private Day Tour From Sharm El Sheikh
St Catherine Monastery Private Day Tour From Sharm El Sheikh
$112.83 per adult
Traveler Favorite
St Catherine Monastery Private Day Tour From Sharm El Sheikh - FUN TOUR!!!
This was an excellent tour!!! St Catherine Monastery Private Day Tour From Sharm El Sheikh was definitely worth it. I'm so glad I went on this day trip with my awesome tour guide, Nabil. Nabil was friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. To be able to see this historical landmark was once in a life time and I have no regrets booking this tour. Thank you for making this such a memorable experience for me. - Dallas, Texas, USA
Alice_C, Oct 2021

Recent reviews from experiences in Sharm el Sheikh

Gorgeous experience
Alessandra_H, Sep 2021
Mount Moses Sunrise and Saint Catherine's Monastery from dahab
I would recommend the private tour, that way you can do it at your own pace and have a nicer car. The view front the top of the mountain is breath taking gorgeous! So worth the time and lack of sleep, make sure you pack extra clothing because it´s freezing at the top of the mountain.
Lovely tour.
Ricardo_Tapajos, Aug 2021
St. Catherine Tour from Sharm El-Sheikh
Mohamed, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Had lots of good stories and a vernacular English. Thank you. The tour is exactly what it proposes. The trip is tiring but worth it. The churches were unfortunately closed because of covid. We had some time in Dahab on the way back. Lovely row of unpretentious restaurants and lounges by the sea. Very agreeable. Had a very appropriate lunch , tasty and well served, in a very cozy restaurant by the sea. Decorated with a lot of odds and ends, which gives it a certain personality. Very nice, recommendable trip, nice organization and trustworthy agency.
An Experience of a Lifetime
samuelserios, Nov 2019
Trip to St. Catherine's Monastery & Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine, Egypt
Our tour guide Mohamed Shezo & driver Mohamed were hosptitalble and friendly. We enjoyed their company.
97Max7397, Jul 2018
Visit Saint Catherine's Monastery Tour from Taba
This is an amazing place, Perhaps one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The tour was good, perfectly punctual. Even though the car was not the newest and the level of english was pretty basic still I loved ever bit of it.
Tour on 4/13/18. EMO Tours Egypt...
alohajt1112, Jun 2018
Sharm el sheikh, Dahab And St.Catherine Monastery 4 Day 3 Nights From Cairo
Tour on 4/13/18. EMO Tours Egypt. Guide met us promptly as scheduled at our hotel lobby. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable in the history of Egypt. We were never rushed and were given as much time as we needed for sightseeing, shopping, and photo taking. The pyramids were amazing and the camel ride was with a very respectable vendor. I would highly recommend this tour.
Ahmed was a true professional. There...
John R, Mar 2016
Mount Moses Sunrise and Saint Catherine's Monastery from dahab
Ahmed was a true professional. There was an issue with some of the other tourists cancelling at the last minute, but Ahmed handled the situation perfectly, and managed to still give me the experience I had dreamed of. Thank you!
Syn Pyramids Tours is the best!!
Stanislav O, Dec 2019
Private Overnight Trip To Saint Catherine Monastery And Mount Sinai
Our group of 7 people did the overnight Mount Sinai tour (from Cairo and back) with Sun Pyramids Tours (Mahmoud and 2 other amazing people), and it was one of the best experiences of our life! The trip was in a comfortable, air conditioned van, and there was plenty of space for everyone. The drive to Mt.Sinai from Cairo is around 6-7 hours, but you make some stops at some stores, so you can buy some coffee, some food, etc., and the trip doesn't seem as long. Once we arrived to our place for the night, we were given a nice meal, and after that we went to get some rest as the Mt.Sinai ascend starts at 1am. Sun Pyramids Tours will take you from the hotel to Mt.Sinai where you will meet the Bedouin guide who will do the Mt.Sinai ascend with you. You can do the ascend on a camel, or by walking. Our Bedouin guide, Ahmed, was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our ascend and descend with him. After you catch a sunrise on top of Mt.Sinai, you will ascend down the mountain and then you can visit the Saint Catherine Monastery below. After you visit the Monastery, Sun Pyramids tours will bring you back to your hotel to get some food, and after you get a nice, fulfilling meal, you will be taken back to your hotel to Cairo. All in all it was an incredible experience, and we wouldn't want to do this tour with anyone else but Sun Pyramids tours - they are amazing and will take good care of you. Hope this review helps! Stan
Great Tour & Guide
NC2264, Dec 2019
Saint Catherine Monastery and Dahab from Sharm el Sheikh
This tour was great from the guide Peter, driver to the restaurant & lunch. Timely pick up. Guide was knowledgeable & passionate. He was fluent in English & Italian which were the languages of the day and on top he has a beautiful baritone voice to listen to all the information and stories he shared. He gave us plenty of time at each stop to explore on our own and also rest stops on the way there and back since it is 2 hr each way. Sites were amazing. Highly recommend this tour. Was a great day.
I booked this tour for my daughter...
Faranaaz S, Jan 2018
St-Catherine Monastery & Moses' Mountain From Sharm El Sheikh
I booked this tour for my daughter 11 years old and I. It was a good tour. The guy was very knowledgeable about what she was showing us and even helped us get to the best places to take photos, as well as take photos of us when we asked. Good points: They were on time for pick up and brought snacks along for the day in case we got hungry or thirsty. The guide was informative and the driver was very safe. We went to all the places on the list as well as the papyrus institute where they showed us how they make paper out of papyrus. She also offered a few more options of places we could stop. Points to note: You need to pay for all the entry fees, they are not included. They do tell you this on the ad for the tour, but it's quite costly when you add up that you're paying for entrance to the Pyramids, Citadel, and the museum. So they should maybe inform tourists about what the prices are so people are aware of how much they should take along with them to enter the sites. I felt a bit rushed at some of the sites. The guide was a bit persistent about me giving her a review, and a good one - so much so that before we even got to the first stop she had insisted I use her Hot spot for Wi-Fi to download the TripAdvisor app so that I could rate them. I told her I would do it when I got back to our hostel as we had wifi, but in the museum, our last stop, she made sure not to leave before I had actually gone online and given them a review. I had inquired about a felucca ride on the Nile River, and then she spent most of the day trying to sell me on a dinner cruise, which was out of my budget. Persistent again. Though we went to papyrus institute on her suggestion, I know that there is commission in it for the guides when they bring tourists and they actually BUY something at these extra sites visited. Again, the sales people were quite persistent. I chose to only visit the papyrus institute and not the linen and perfume places that she also suggested as I know they would try and convince me to buy things. This was a bit off-putting. She insisted that we not buy any touristy items at the places we visited - like not buying key rings at the pyramids for example. This made me feel a bit scared to attempt to even look at or purchase anything there. Her reason was that they were made in China and I could get them at a better price at the market. They should maybe not have that approach. Overall it was a good experience, minus the few bad points I tried to look past.
The 3.5 hour 2AM trek up Mount Moses...
kyleliban, Apr 2018
Mount Moses Sunrise and Saint Catherine's Monastery from dahab
The 3.5 hour 2AM trek up Mount Moses was an experience. It's a race against the clock to hike to the top of Mount Sinai before the sunrise..we made it with 10 minutes to spare. That moment is truly an experience. Our guide was more of a sheep herder, with his main obligation to get our 15 people group to the top of the mountain in tact and before sunrise. My future recommendation would be for the guides to explain more of the history of both Mount Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery. Overall, it's a must-see if in the Sinai area!

Things to Know Before You Go

  • A must for history buffs and Bible aficionados, St. Catherine’s Monastery has a dramatic desert setting that also appeals to photographers.

  • Wearing shorts is prohibited for both sexes when visiting this working monastery, while women should cover their shoulders.

  • On occasion, there have been kidnappings on the road to St. Catherine’s Monastery. Follow your government’s travel advice as regards travel in the Sinai Desert.

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How to Get There

St. Catherine’s Monastery stands in the heart of the Sinai Desert, a drive of about 131 miles (211 kilometers) north from Sharm el Sheikh. There is effectively no public transport, so almost all travelers visit as part of an organized tour, often combined with a sunrise climb of Mt. Sinai before the monastery opens.

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When to Get There

St. Catherine’s Monastery is closed on Fridays, Sundays, and the major Greek Orthodox holidays. On other days, it opens to the public in the mornings only. Mondays and Saturdays are the busiest days and, at times when tourist numbers are high, it’s worth visiting between Tuesday and Thursday.

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St. Catherine’s Monastery The Biblical Sites

According to the Old Testament, God once spoke to Moses through a burning bush, instructing him to beg the Egyptian pharaoh to release the Jews from captivity. St. Catherine’s Monastery was founded in the Sinai because of a rare bush that the monks believed was the original burning bush. It’s also home to the well where some believe Moses met his wife Zipporah.

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