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Things to Do in Reykjanes


Blue Lagoon
81 Tours and Activities

To understand why Iceland's Blue Lagoon is so popular, just imagine bathing in steaming milky-blue waters, sipping a cocktail at a swim-up bar, and looking out over an otherworldly landscape of jagged peaks and black lava fields. This geothermal pool, the most visited of Iceland's many such oases, boasts mineral-rich waters, a luxurious spa, and a magnificent setting, all just minutes from Reykjavik.

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Leidarendi Lava Caves
5 Tours and Activities

With its tunnels of multi-hued lava tubes, dripping with stalactites and dotted with peculiar rock formations, the Leiðarendi lava caves are a subterranean fantasyland. The Leiðarendi caves take their name—which translates as “the end of the journey”—from the carcass of a dead sheep that is found at the end of a tunnel (you can still see the bones), but intrepid travelers needn’t worry as seasoned guides keep everyone safe.

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