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Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre
Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre

Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre Tours and Activities

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Run by the Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the leading gas and oil company in Oman, the Exhibition Center contains both a museum and an adjacent planetarium. Developed in 1979 to showcase the wonders of the universe and the developments of modern science, it was renovated and developed into a full center in 1995.

The museum exhibits explain the geology and history behind the oil and natural gas industry with hands-on displays and activities. Information on Oman’s unique geology, as well as the story of oil in the country, is a highlight. Learn about the natural development of oil and natural gas, from underground formation over millions of years to the discovery, process, and modern day use. Explore interactive exhibits and mini-models with the science behind it all, and learn about alternative energy sources as well.

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Saih Al-Maleh Street, Muscat, Oman

Tours and Activities to Experience Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre

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