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Lovcen National Park
Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park Tours and Activities

Covering 62 square kilometers in southwestern Montenegro, Lovcen National Park is home to Mount Lovcen, the black mountain that gave Montenegro its name. Located between the sea and the mainland, the park and the mountain feature a mix of Mediterranean and Continental climates and, thus, a wide variety of flora and fauna. The most notable monument in the park is the mausoleum of Petar Petrovic Njegos, a prince-bishop of Montenegro, poet and philosopher. On the summit of Jezerski Peak, the mausoleum is at the end of a 461-step path and offers views as far as Albania and Croatia on clear days.

The park is also home to the Ivanova Korita resort on the eastern slope of Jezerski Peak. There, you can find restaurants and hotels, as well as a small ski slope in the winter. The most popular activities in the park are hiking in the summer and Nordic skiing in the winter.

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Tours and Activities to Experience Lovcen National Park

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