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Things to Do in Kuta


Kuta Beach (Pantai Kuta)

Bali’s first beach hotel opened back in the 1930s on Kuta’s epic sweep of golden sand and metronomic surf. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, Australian surfers popularized the place, and today Kuta Beach is the epicenter of Kuta, Bali’s liveliest and most touristic district. If great waves and beach boys float your boat, Kuta won’t disappoint.

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Upside Down World

The Bali outpost of a popular Southeast Asian attraction, Upside Down World is tailor-made for the selfie generation. A series of rooms replicate typical houses, with the twist that furnishings and decorations, from stairs and sofas to light fittings and wallpaper, are placed upside down, enabling hilarious trick photography.

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Anika Spa

Within walking distance of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Anika Spa in Kuta is a comfortable modern spa that’s well-placed for pre- or post-flight treatments. Therapies focus on traditional Indonesian ingredients and techniques, whether it’s an aromatherapy-based treatment, massage, scrub, flower bath, manicure, or pedicure.

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Theta Spa by the Sea

Set on the grounds of the Ramada Bintang Bali Resort in Kuta, Theta Spa by the Sea is a contemporary spa with Indian Ocean views. Tropical rituals, massages, and remedies use techniques from China, India, Indonesia, and beyond. Natural ingredients such as fresh herbs, and organic essential oils are used in treatments set in a luxury-minded spa.

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