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Lake Peten Itza (Lago Petén Itzá)
Lake Peten Itza (Lago Petén Itzá)

Lake Peten Itza (Lago Petén Itzá) Tours and Activities

Guatemala’s second largest lake, Lake Petén Itzá (Lago Petén Itzá), a sparkling expanse at the heart of the hot, humid Petén Basin, was one of the earliest cradles of Mesoamerican civilization. The lush rainforests at its fringe are home to at least 27 archaeological sites, in addition to Flores, capital of Petén Department. Once known as Nojpetén (City Island) by the Itza Mayans, Flores was also their regional capital, and was the last Mayan city to fall to the Spanish, in 1697.

You’re probably staying on the island, a great base for enjoying the lake. Head to the north shore for a walk on the malecón, or jump in for a swim with the locals. The west side boasts lakefront restaurants and bars where you can watch the sunset. Hire a cayuco (small, motorized boats) to other attractions overlooking the water, including ruins, Petencito Zoo, Cerro Cahuí Nature Reserve, “El Museo,” a small archaeological museum, and other towns along the lakeshore.

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Lago Peten Itza, Peten

Tours and Activities to Experience Lake Peten Itza (Lago Petén Itzá)

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