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Things to Do in Beijing - page 4


Imperial Vault of Heaven

The Imperial Vault of Heaven, one of three main structures of the UNESCO-listed Temple of Heaven, is a top Beijing attraction. Built during the Ming Dynasty in 1530 and rebuilt in 1752, the Imperial Vault of Heaven once housed the tablets of the emperors’ ancestors, used in rituals and ceremonies, and the tablet of the God of Heaven.

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Miaoying Temple

Miaoying Temple (Miaoying Si, White Stupa Temple, or White Dagoba Temple) features a famous white dagoba, or stupa, that towers 167 feet (51 meters) over the neighboring hutongs in Beijing’s Xicheng District. Although the present temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, the stupa itself dates from the late 1200s and is the oldest and tallest such structure in China.

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